Success Stories: Alex Dutty

Alex Dutty hardly needs an introduction.

Having opened shows for established names like Kano, Wiley, and Bashy, the British rapper was also nominated for the prestigious Official Mixtape Awards for two years running. The award-winning artist has sold an incredible 60,000 copies of his mixtapes, garnering tens and thousands of streams on his Spotify in the process.

Alex came to Dotted Oranges looking to generate massive first-week buzz for his latest track, Emoji, taken off his debut album Knock Down Ginger. We recommended one of our momentum™ packages to him, and proceeded to set up our social media ads. What sets Dotted Oranges apart is our network of brick and mortar stores, offices and local businesses that are contracted to play songs we specify for them. Emoji was placed in 23 in-store playlists, exposing Alex to significant amount of foot traffic and securing more streams in the process.

Over the next five days, we began testing and running ads, optimising results on a day-to-day basis to maximise conversions and engagements. In total, we managed to drive over 60,000 streams, 15,000 listeners and 700 new followers during the campaign period!

Alex Dutty Promo

Alex Dutty Promo

Alex Dutty Promo

In the days that followed, Emoji continued racking up thousands of new streams per day with the buzz we generated during our campaign.

I would like to thank the Dotted Oranges team for their excellent service. Their commitment in securing such a high number of streams for me is admirable.

- Alex Dutty

It was a pleasure working with Alex and we wish him continued success in his musical journey.


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