Success Stories: Emy Blu

Emy Blu might be a rookie in the music scene, but her music is anything but.

With her signature sound of old school vibes being infused into new age melodies, the St. Louis singer enlisted Dotted Oranges to help in launching her Spotify career. With less than 1,000 plays on all three of her songs (despite their radio-friendly vibes), we recommended one of our  momentum™ packages to her, and proceeded to set up our social media ads.

What sets Dotted Oranges apart is our network of brick and mortar stores, offices and local businesses that are contracted to play songs we specify for them. Killing Me with Your Love was placed in 17 in-store playlists, exposing Emy to significant amount of foot traffic and securing more streams in the process.

Over the next three days, we began testing and running ads, optimising results on a day-to-day basis to maximise conversions and engagements. In total, we managed to drive over 35,000 streams, 8,000 new listeners and 400 new followers during the campaign period!

Thank you so much for your commitment to my music! I can't wait to continue our journey.

- Emy Blu

We are currently working with Emy to promote the rest of her music, and update this post as the results come in.

Want to experience similar results for your music? Revisit our homepage and find a package that's suited for your budget!

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