SOAR - Ultimate All-In-One PR Package

Being an independent musician is hard nowadays.

Between taking on multiple roles, limited resources, and fierce competition on streaming platforms, it's an uphill battle to balance your priorities and stand out from the crowd.

To really make a dent and get your name out there, you need press - lots of it - and oh, a holistic marketing approach that extends beyond getting streams on Spotify. 

Yet, most budding artists nowadays do not even have a single article covering their works (hint: newswires reposting your press release doesn't count)! What do we see when we Google their names? An endless list of links to their streaming profiles.

We get it - you're busy creating and performing, and you don't have the time to cultivate contacts with taste makers. You don't have the time to research on the gatekeepers who would be interested in your music. You sure as hell don't have the time to draft up personalised emails to the hundreds of contacts in some outdated list you managed to find online.

So let us help. Let us do the heavy grunt work. Let us be the one to spend countless hours every day making sure your music gets put in front of the people that matter.

(psst... We work with all genres!)


How Do We Boost Your Career?

We got everything you need to raise your profile and gain more exposure. Our bespoke PR packages are specially tailored to grow your fanbase and reach and reach the people who can make a real difference to your music career.

Press Release

A press release is pivotal to our promotional efforts. At the start of every campaign, we will help you craft that perfect pitch to maximise buzz and increase credibility.

Guaranteed Press Coverage (Reviews, Features, Interviews)

Getting your music noticed by music bloggers has never been more challenging. Most blogs receive over 100 submissions everyday, and the majority of those are not worth their time. Which is why the email or submission you sent them probably didn't even get opened, let alone listened to.

Our experienced PR team will handle the outreach for you. We will source for the relevant outlets, pitch your song to the editors, and take care of all correspondence during the campaign.

You just worry about booking more shows and welcoming your new fans.

Guaranteed Radio Airplay

Nothing screams credibility than having your song on the radio.

Anyone can submit music to DJs, radio stations and program directors, but we are actually able to get them to play it on air - guaranteed. The close ties we have forged with them over the years have allowed us to promote your songs within the broadcasting community at all levels, be it Internet, Satellite, College, and/or Terrestrial FM Radio.

Imagine waking up to dozens to excited texts telling you that your song was just on the radio. Give your friends, family and fans something to be excited about- let them enjoy your music through the airwaves.

Radio Interviews / Podcast Outreach

Podcasts are one of the most untapped avenues of promotion. Interviews are not only a great way to expose your song to thousands of listeners, they become indispensable, valuable assets when building your press kit.

On top of our podcast outreach, we will also secure radio interviews for you so you can leverage on these highly-engaged listeners to raise awareness. Share with them your story and quickly convert them into your fans.

Spotify Playlisting

Trusted by major labels like Warner, Universal and Capitol Records, your dedicated campaign team will personally pitch your song to our premium, highly engaged playlists.

The relationships we've cultivated with our partners have allowed us to place our clients' music onto both major and independent playlists with deadly success rates. Not only will you enjoy a steady flow of streams, your music will likely be picked up by other curators. This will give you a higher chance of being placed on Spotify's algorithmic playlists (Discover Weekly, Release Radar) alongside the top artists of your genre, allowing their fans to be exposed to your works.

Instagram Growth

With over 1 billion monthly active users, Instagram is a hotbed for attracting new fans to your music. We will work with you to develop a hyper-focused plan of attack, targeting the most active and relevant fans based on your objective.

You're a rapper and want to expose your music to fans of Kendrick Lamar? Done.

Pop singer from California and want to grow your following specifically in Anaheim? Done.

Heavy metal band that's seeking male fans from the age of 35? Piece of cake.

Our proprietary backend allows us to precisely target fans that actually matter for your career. Leverage on the sheer number of users on Instagram and watch your following and interactions skyrocket.


Our competitors charge 5x that but it doesn't have to be this way. Through connections and relationships we cultivated over the years, we are able to deliver better results at a fraction of the cost.

Fully scalable, yet fully within your budget.



Timeline / Our Process

Pre-Campaign: Our team researches your target audience and forumalates a solid strategy plan. We will draft a distribution list that targets the influencers, publications, gatekeepers and key decision makers in your market. Music blogs, podcast hosts, radio stations, playlist curators - we ensure they know your music.

Week 1: With countless successful campaigns behind them, our experienced PR executives get to work on a killer press release and begin distributing them.

Week 2: We begin securing radio stations and Spotify playlist placements for your song.

Week 3: Aftering distributing your press release to our trusted contacts, we begin following up on their questions, nudging them in the right direction, and build a sense of excitement around your release.

Week 4: Our media partners will publish their features, reviews and interviews of your music, and we will notify you as soon as we receive them.

Week 5: We continue to follow up with the press and search for more opportunities to maintain your momentum.

Our team of experienced industry experts know exactly how to help you get noticed and make sure your music reaches new fans and influencers. 



You will be assigned a dedicated campaign manager to ensure you receive the utmost attention your song deserves. You will also gain access to your own campaign dashboard to keep track of your placements and be alerted to interviews and other opportunities.

Our favorite part of the job is sending successes your way.


The packages above can be tailored to your needs. If you need more radio airplay, or you want a larger emphasis on playlist placements, simply drop us an email or DM us via Instagram!


​Let's give your music the VIP treatment. Speak to your dedicated campaign manager now!

Questions? Drop us an email or DM us via Instagram!