Spotify Guaranteed Playlist Pitching/Placements

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Spotify Guaranteed Playlist Pitching/Placements

We feel you - it's hard getting people to hear your music in this increasingly saturated market. You are swarmed with many tasks, from creating your next hit, to managing your social media, to booking your gigs, to promoting your songs. And when you don't hear back from the dozens of journalists you painstakingly reached out to, or finding out the database of curators you've been messaging had been outdated for three years, that is just about the most frustrating feeling in the world.


That doesn't have to be the case. Dotted Oranges knows how important playlists are, and we recognise their incredible power in growing your music.

Trusted by major labels like Warner, Universal and Capitol Records, our placement service guarantees your single in premium, highly engaged playlists totalling up to 1,000,000 followers.



Your dedicated campaign team will personally pitch your song to our network of playlist curators. Their combined follower count? Over 15,000,000, and that's not a typo.

The relationships we've cultivated with our playlist partners have allowed us to place our clients' music onto both major and independent playlists with deadly success rates. Not only will you enjoy a steady flow of streams, your music will likely be picked up by other curators. This will give you a higher chance of being placed on Spotify's algorithmic playlists (Discover Weekly, Release Radar) alongside the top artists of your genre, allowing their fans to be exposed to your works.



Oh, we work with all genres as well. Our PR executives have over 50+ years in combined experience, and the lot of them are itching to take on your single.

When we tell you we're going to get you on playlists totalling 50,000 (or 100,000, 500,000 etc.) followers, you can be sure we'll make that happen for you.



Playlisting has always been the secret weapon of the major labels. They've invested tons of money into promoting their own playlists (Digster, Filtr, Topsify etc.), ensuring their artists get heard by millions around the world.

We want to help you get a slice of the pie. Your music is good enough and you know it. Make an investment in your career, and we will bust our asses off to get you noticed, get you more royalties, and most importantly, get you more lifelong fans. 



We will deliver the first round of placements within 5-14 business days. Your dedicated campaign team will continue pitching your songs until we fulfill your order. 

At the end of every campaign, we will provide a comprehensive report detailing the links to the playlists that have shared your music.

Placements last for 3-8 weeks on average.


Visit our FAQs to get your commonly asked questions answered.

  • While we work with all genres, we will review every submission to ensure that they meet the standards required for a successful push. In the event that we unable to work with your music, you will receive a full refund.
  • We are unable to guarantee the number of streams you'll receive. Any company that claims to do so are selling botted streams that will get your account banned, and we strongly advise you to stay away from them. With that being said, based on past campaigns we've done, we noticed that the stream count falls between 5-30% of the number of playlist followers (i.e. purchasing a 50,000 package will get you about 2,500 to 15,000 streams). However, that doesn't include the streams you'll receive from listeners who discovered your music organically, or other playlists that picked you up during our campaign. Every song performs differently and results vary.


We are more than happy to answer any questions you might have. Reach us via email, Facebook or Instagram!


Dotted Oranges makes things simple for our clients - we guarantee results. Should we fail to secure the number of followers we promised you, rest assured, you will receive a refund. View our complete refund policy here.


How does a typical campaign work?

After you engage us, we will use the first week to identify suitable playlists and start pitching your track to the curators.

The following week, we will get a good idea on whether the curators we submitted to accepted your music.

We will follow-up on unanswered leads as well. Placements will start rolling in during this period as well.

On most campaigns we work on though, placements can roll in as soon as the fifth day.


How long will my song stay on each playlist?

This depends entirely on the curator - we have no control over it. On average, songs last between 3 weeks - 2 months on the playlists we pitch to.

In fact, some curators love the songs so much, they still haven't removed them from their playlists (true story)!


How do you pitch to curators?

We pitch to curators through email, social media, and even their phone numbers. We also have access to several industry databases the major labels use for their own playlisting campaigns.

Over the years, we have formed good relationships with many of the big players. This gives us an unfair advantage when it comes to pitching your songs - definitely a good thing for our clients!


How many playlists will my song be added to?

Short version - we are unable to tell ahead of time.

Long version -

When we start on your campaign, we take a look at the number of playlist followers your plan entitles you to. We will then identify playlists and create an initial batch to start the pitching process. The first batch's follower count total 300% of the plan you purchased.


If you purchase the 100k followers package, the first batch would consist of 300k followers (i.e. 300% of your package). We will then pitch to all the curators in that batch. If enough curators accept our submissions, we will stop the pitching.

This means that if all the curators in our initial outreach like your song, you're going to end up with placements totalling that entire 300%. We are not going to stop the curators and tell them to change their minds just because you bought a lower package than what we managed to achieve for you.

If the followers of the playlists which accepted your track doesn't total to what was promised, we will move down our list till we get enough placements to reach our goal.


What reporting will I receive?

At the end of the campaign, you will receive an update on all the playlists we managed to get you on.

During the campaign, you'll be able to track your progress through the Spotify for Artists app.


Can I promote an entire album or EP?

Definitely - we offer 10% off for bulk orders as well for 3 songs and above.


Are placements guaranteed?

Yes, we have the necessary contacts (and experience) to make that happen for you, rest assured. In the event that we cannot reach our objective, you will receive a full refund.


Can I purchase a campaign before my song is released?

Definitely - our packages can be used on any song in the next 12 months! Our prices fluctuate heavily based on demand, so securing your spot early will enable you to get the best rates.Also, in many cases, pre-ordering gives us a headstart in our campaign preparation. We will use the downtime to start pitching. This allow us to hit the ground running straight on release day.


What is your refund policy?

Simple - if we fail to fulfil the objectives of your campaign, you will receive all your money back.


Can I see the playlists beforehand?

As part of Dotted Oranges' privacy policy, we are unable to disclose details (links, curators' contact details etc.) of the playlists we will be pitching you to.

Generally, if a company is able to tell you which playlists you're going to be on before the campaign even begins, something is wrong.

If someone can be 100% certain a playlist will accept their music before pitching commences, it's highly likely that money exchanged hands between the company and the curators. This often means the playlists are botted.

p.s. Even the curators whom we formed close relationships with deny us from time to time if the song isn't good/suitable.


Do you accept all genres?

For our playlist campaigns, we cover our ground pretty well across all major genres.

If your song belongs to a more niche genre, get in touch with us via Facebook, Instagram, and our email.


Why was my track rejected?

While we accept all genres of music, we need to ensure that the music we work with have the quality for our campaigns to succeed.

That means decent mixing/mastering, professional vocals, and lyrics with no hate speech.

If your track gets rejected, it means that it has failed our QC process, or that we are unable to identify enough playlists to fulfil the campaign objectives.

We will either process a full refund, propose a campaign with one of your more polished/appropriate works, or work with you on a lower-tier campaign.

Past Campaigns

Here are some of the songs we have worked on. Click on the song title to view the results of our efforts. 

Do note that we work with all genres. The following is just a curated selection of our work.

Louis Tomlinson - Miss You (Luca Schreiner Remix)

Louis Tomlinson Dotted Oranges

Greyson Chance - You

Greyson Chance Dotted Oranges

Matthew Schultz - Somewhere Far

Matthew Schultz Dotted Oranges

Eloy - El Perdedor

Eloy Dotted Oranges

PLVTINUM - C'est la vie

Plvtinum Dotted Oranges

Customer Reviews

Based on 33 reviews

Just bought my sixth campaign today there' really nothing else to say


Loving the results thus far!


We first heard about Dotted Oranges while doing research to launch our new album. Michael and Joey briefed me on their marketing plan so my band knew what we were getting ourselves into. They outlined the risks, the pros and cons of each strategy, as well as the expected results. We paid a mid-four-digit retainer just before the Christmas period and the results thus far have been on par with what was communicated to us. They also provided extra value by giving us advice on the next steps to take in our career. I definitely recommend Dotted Oranges for your music marketing needs.


Im really enjoying the results you guys are giving me . I'll continue to use your services thats for sure


Got an early access to some of their new services, hired them for one of them, and now that we are 3 months in, I agreed to give my honest opinions on it.

I really cannot believe they're just charging three-digits for this. The results are fantastic (we Danes are quite conservative), and you'll save so much time. I think the time saved should be the biggest motivator, since we have so many things to juggle and marketing may not always be the top of our priorities or expertise.

The customer service has been excellent as well, both before and after we signed on. Really giving those five-figure PR firms a run for their money. If not for our existing contracts we would have gladly outsourced more of our marketing to Dotted Oranges.