YouTube Playlist Placements

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YouTube Playlist Placements

Dotted Oranges is the pioneer of YouTube playlisting services.

Forget about bots or irrelevant audiences - our YouTube playlisting campaigns put your music in front of the right people, generating the momentum you need to grow your fanbase.


With 2 billion monthly active users, YouTube remains a crucial platform to promote your music. That's not something to be slept on in today's streaming world.

Here's the issue.

You're already busy enough as it is. Juggling between your day job, booking gigs, managing your social media (we feel you).

And when you tried one of those "YouTube promotion companies" online, all they do is send bots to your video. Some of you might even had your video taken down because of that.

It honestly sucks.

Here's what we'll do.

Simply put, we control the largest YouTube playlists on the market. By "largest", we mean those that bring in hundreds of millions of views in their lifetime.

Here's what you can expect:

  • CONSISTENT, DAILY VIEWS - Receive relevanttargeted listeners from genre-specific playlists.
  • ALGORITHM BOOST - Playlist views are of more value to YouTube's algorithm, resulting in higher rankings and organic discovery for your video.
  • COMPOUND YOUR REACH - YouTube playlists are played in cafes, restaurants, retail stores, gyms and other public places. Further amplify your reach through mass exposure.
  • MULTIPLE AVENUES - YouTube playlists are ranked highly on YouTube Music, providing you with an additional revenue and promotion streams.
  • FULL ATTENTION - Enjoy best-in-class retention rates from highly-engaged listeners. With playlisting, your audience actually listens to your song in full.
  • VERIFIABLE RESULTS - Easily track our progress through your channels' YouTube analytics and verify the authenticity of our work. Easily find out how many views each playlist brought you. We keep our promises, and we want you to know it.

For all pre-sale questions, please drop us a DM on Facebook, Instagram, or send us an email via hello(at)

Starting at just $1.30/day (you're going to spend that on your Starbucks anyway), you can make a sound investment in your music video that you spent thousands to produce.

You're just one hit away from taking your career to the next level.

Do it once, and do it right with Dotted Oranges.


Whether you're a newbie or a seasoned veteran, we guarantee results. Should we fail to deliver on our promise, rest assured, you will receive a 100% refund.

While we have achieved great success with all kinds of genres, we do reject tracks from time to time that we feel are either too niche, or not up to a certain standard required for our promotions to succeed. On those rare occasions, we will offer you a full refund as well.


I have heard of Spotify playlisting, but what exactly is YouTube playlisting?

Just like Spotify, regular users can create playlists on YouTube. When engaging our service, we will put your music on the more popular ones till we hit your desired view count. We have access to some of YouTube's largest playlists that rack up hundreds of thousands of views daily, and can easily accommodate all genres.

How many playlists will you put me on?

It depends. We use a formula to calculate how many placements are required, and to determine which position to place your video. We also take the time frame of your campaign and popularity of playlists into consideration.

In general, we aim to put you on at least 2 playlists, up to 20 for the larger campaigns.

Why should I choose YouTube playlisting over a regular YouTube ad campaign?

YouTube playlisting is often used by artists whose songs and videos have content prohibited by Google's ad policies, namely explicit lyrics, adult content, gruesome imagery, unsupported language, and shocking content.

Playlisting also offers other exclusive benefits:

  1. Playlist views are of higher value to YouTube's algorithm, resulting in higher rankings and organic discovery for your video.
  2. YouTube playlists are played in cafes, restaurants, retail stores, gyms and other public places, allowing you to further amplify your reach.
  3. YouTube playlists are also ranked highly on YouTube Music, providing you with an additional avenue for royalties and exposure.
  4. As playlist listeners tend to be more engaged, your video will enjoy higher retention rates and better organic rankings as a result.

Most of our artists (who work with non-explicit content) engage us for both the regular ad campaign and the YouTube playlisting campaign to reap the maximum benefits.

How are you able to guarantee a minimum number of views?

There are a couple of ways for us to track the number of views we've delivered for you through the playlists.

  1. We first use a tried-and-tested formula to estimate how many views your video will get per day when placed on certain playlists and a certain position.

For e.g., putting your video on the 20th position of a playlist will net you 1.5% of the playlist's daily view count. So, if the playlist generate 100,000 views, you will receive 1,050 views everyday. We can also place your video on the 10th position of another playlist, netting you 3% of the playlist's daily view count. If that playlist generates another 100,000 views daily, you will gain another 3,000 views. If you purchase a playlisting campaign for 10,000 views, and we use the same two playlist arrangements, we can secure at least 4,500 views for you daily and finish your campaign in 3 days. 2. We will then use our Channel Analytics to track how many views each playlist has brought you. This is to ensure maximum reporting accuracy, and allow you to account for our efforts, separate from other campaigns you might be running.

Are placements guaranteed?

Yes, they are guaranteed. If we are unable to find or secure suitable playlists for your video, you will be issued a full refund.

Will this bring in engagement as such likes and subs?

Yes, you can expect an increase in engagement depending on the quality of your video. There might also be dislikes if your music or video isn't up to par.

While there is no concrete way for us to track the earned metrics we secured for you (unlike our regular YouTube ad campaigns), we almost always see an increase in interactions such as likes, subs and playlist additions. There may be occasional comments, but most playlist listeners are passive and won't leave their thoughts.

To manage your expectations, we do not promise any specific amount of engagements - only the number of views.

What sort of reporting will I receive?

Once the playlists have been secured, we will email you with their links.

We will follow up with you through the email address you provided at the time of order if we need any further information from you.

Who are some of the artists you have done this for?

Our team regularly liaise with major labels and independent artists to solve their YouTube marketing needs. We have also helped numerous marketing agencies who outsource their marketing projects to us. To discover more case studies, feel free to visit our Success Stories page.

How long will placements last for? What's the average length of a campaign?

Campaigns last anywhere from 7 days to 60 days depending on the package you purchase. While we always aim to finish as quickly as possible, there are other factors on our end that we have to consider - playlist availability, campaign backlog, and size of campaign.

Once we confirmed that our playlists have generated the desired amount of views, we will remove your videos from the playlists and end the campaign.

How soon will my campaign start?

We will use the first week to identify suitable playlists and start pitching your video to the curators.

The following week, we will get a good idea on whether the curators we submitted to accepted your music.

We will follow-up on unanswered leads as well. Placements will start rolling in during this period.

On most campaigns we work on though, placements can roll in as soon as the fifth day.

Are there any content restrictions?

Unlike our regular YouTube Ad campaigns, YouTube playlisting doesn't come with any restrictions. We accept all restricted content normally disapproved by Google - sexualised visuals, explicit lyrics, smoking, graffiti, shocking content etc. - with the exception of hate speech. If your music or video contains such elements, we will not be able to work on your content.

Will there be a return of investment (ROI)?

Yes. In fact, helping artists earn more royalties to invest back into their music is one of the main goals of Dotted Oranges. All the views you get are eligible for royalties if your music is registered to Content ID through your distributor.

Can I see the playlists beforehand?

As part of Dotted Oranges' privacy policy, we are unable to disclose details (links, curators' contact details etc.) of the playlists we will be pitching you to.

Why are your services so expensive?

If you think our services are expensive, wait till you hire amateurs 😉

What is your refund policy?

For our full refund policy, visit


Can I purchase a campaign before my song is released?

Definitely - our packages can be used on any song in the next 12 months. Our prices fluctuate heavily based on demand, so securing your spot early will enable you to get the best rates.

Also, in many cases, pre-ordering gives us a headstart in our campaign preparation. This allow us to hit the ground running straight on release day.

I have another question. Where can I ask it?

You may reach us via FacebookInstagram, or our email.

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